Gender Discrimination

The "glass ceiling" for women has been a part of the business world ever since when began entering the work force. Today, it is still there. It is just that those who create glass ceilings have become even more adept at it; once again, the ceiling is insidiously invisible. However, statistics within given various industries give us an idea that while progress has been made, we still have a long way to go.

Discrimination based on sex comes in many forms; failure/refusal to promote; unequal pay; disparate treatment in terms of socio-business relations (i.e., golf, power lunches, etc.), and using reductions in force ("RIF") to get rid of female employees who get pregnant or seek to work part time in order to balance family obligations with those at work. Proving a sex discrimination case is often difficult as most employers are not so obvious as to make statements or take actions evidencing "animus" based on sex, which would be direct evidence of a discriminatory intent. More often, a case must be proven with indirect or circumstantial evidence, and despite what the law says, often there must be a lot of such evidence to convince a jury when proving a case with such evidence. If you have been a victim of discrimination based on sex, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.

Employment Law

Workplace law in California is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to the ever-changing employer-employee and independent contractor relationships. Almost every day California state and federal courts issue new decisions which affect workers' rights. Do you know what your rights are?